“Young British Muslims” (Hamid, ed.)

Next month, Routledge will release Young British Muslims: Between Rhetoric and Real Lives edited by Sadek Hamid (Liverpool Hope University). The publisher’s description follows:

young-british-muslimsYoung British Muslims continue to generate strong interest in public discourse. However, much of this interest is framed in negative terms that tends to associate them with criminality, religious extremism or terrorism. Focusing instead on other aspects of being young, Muslim and British, this volume takes a multidisciplinary approach that seeks to ‘normalise’ the subjects and focus on their everyday lived realities. Structured into three sections, the collection begins by contextualising the study of young British Muslims, before addressing the sensitive social issues highlighted in the media and finally focusing on a variety of case studies which investigate the previously unexplored lived experiences of these young people. With contributions from scholars of religion, media and criminology, as well as current and former practitioners within youth and social work contexts, Young British Muslims: Between Rhetoric and Realities will appeal to scholars who have an interest in the fastest growing, most profiled minority demographic in the UK.

Caquet, “The Orient, the Liberal Movement, and the Eastern Crisis of 1839-41”

Last month, Palgrave Macmillan released The Orient, the Liberal Movement, and the Eastern Crisis of 1839-41 by P.E. Caquet (Cambridge). The publisher’s description follows:

the-orient-the-liberal-movement-and-the-eastern-crisis-of-1839-41This book focuses on the Eastern Crisis of 1839-41, closely examining the first instance of coordinated Western intervention in the Middle East during the modern era. Readers can explore topics such as how culture, domestic politics, and ideology shaped diplomacy in this landmark crisis, and the importance role played by religion – including, alongside mainstream Christianity, the Protestant Zionist movement. Highly informative and fully researched, this book suggests that the Eastern Crisis – and its associated diplomatic and military efforts – marked the first of many modern-era attempts to “improve” the region by moulding it in a Western image, providing scholars with a new perspective on this period of history.

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