Ferrari & Pastorelli (eds.), “The Burqa Affair Across Europe: Between Public and Private Space”

This July, Ashgate Publishing Company will publish The Burqa Affair Across Europe: Between Public and Private Space edited by Alessandro Ferrari (University of Insubria) and Sabrina Pastorelli (University of Milan). The publisher’s description follows.

In recent years, the wearing of the full-face veil or burqa/niqab has proved a controversial issue in many multi-cultural European societies. Focusing on the socio-legal and human rights angle, this volume provides a useful comparative perspective on how the issue has been dealt with across a range of European states as well as at European institutional level. In so doing, the work draws a theoretical framework for the place of religion between public and private space. With contributions from leading experts from law, sociology and politics, the book presents a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to one of the most contentious and symbolic issues of recent times.

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