Former guest and Center for Law and Religion friend Mike Helfand passes along a notice for a very interesting looking conference entitled, “International Legal Theory Interest Group Symposium: The Rise of Non-State Law.”  Proceed here to view the symposium in full, which will be held in Washington D.C. on May 2; here is the description:

Trends in legal philosophy, international law, transnational law, law & religion, and political science all point towards the increasing role played by non-state law in both public and private ordering.  Numerous organizations, institutions, associations and groups have emerged alongside the nation-state, each purporting to provide their members with rules and norms to govern their conduct and organize their affairs. Indeed, questions regarding non-state law have moved to the forefront of recent debates over legal pluralism and transnational justice, forcing scholars and practitioners to consider the new and multifaceted mechanisms ways in which we govern ourselves.  This International Legal Theory Interest Group Symposium will explore this Rise of Non-State Law by bringing together experts on international law, transnational law, legal theory and political philosophy to consider the growing impact of law that derives from outside the nation-state.

The symposium is co-sponsored by the American Society of International Law and Pepperdine Law School.  Michael’s own work also treats some of these subjects and is well worth your consideration.

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