This week, Palgrave Macmillan publishes Religion and Politics in Post-Socialist Central and Southeastern Europe, edited by Sabrina Ramet (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). The publisher’s description follows.Religion and Politics in Post-Socialist Central and Southeastern Europe - Edited By Sabrina P. Ramet

Since the crash of communism in Central and Southeastern Europe in 1989, almost everything in the region has changed – from politics to economics to popular culture to religion. There have been new challenges to confront and new dilemmas. This volume examines the political engagement of religious associations in the post-socialist countries of Central and Southeastern Europe, with a focus on disputes about property restitution, revelations about the collaboration of clergy with the communist-era secret police, intolerance, and controversies about the inclusion of religious instruction in the schools. Each of the countries in the region is analyzed with research grounded in on-site interviews, as well as extensive use of literature in local and Western languages.

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