On November 21, the Foreign Policy Association in New York City will host a panel, “Fault Lines of Faith: Reporting from Myanmar, Bosnia and Northern Ireland”:

For the past two years, the long-repressed country of Myanmar has been undergoing a fragile transition to more democratic practices. But with freer speech and assembly have come new tensions between the majority Buddhists in the country and minority Muslim populations. More than half the country’s provinces have seen violence, with hundreds of people dead; a Buddhist nationalist movement has been rising in popularity despite allegations that it is stirring anti-Muslim sentiment.

Kira Kay and Jason Maloney will screen and discuss their reporting from Myanmar, and also from two other locations profiled in the “Fault Lines of Faith” series, Northern Ireland and Bosnia. While they vary widely in geography and culture, the regions profiled in the “Fault Lines” series share multiple root causes to their sectarian tensions: questions of nationhood and self identity; marginalization from political power and resources; a climate of human rights abuse and lack of access to justice. The series title depicts these deep societal challenges as much as the more obvious tensions at the surface of these conflicts.

Details are here.

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