Calling their participation “futile,” the Coptic Church yesterday withdrew its two representatives from the 100-person committee drafting Egypt’s new constitution. The committee, which is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, has also suffered recent defections from liberal and secular members, who argue that the committee fails to represent the totality of Egyptian society. Even Al-Azhar University, the country’s leading seat of Islamic learning, has withdrawn from the process, suggesting a division within the Muslim community about the direction the committee is taking. These defections follow the Muslim Brotherhood’s announcement ┬áSaturday that it will run a candidate in upcoming presidential election, notwithstanding earlier pledges to sit out the contest.

One thought on “Copts Boycott Committee Drafting New Egyptian Constitution

  1. The withdrawals are interesting considering boycotts haven’t been an effective weapon in Arab politics the last few years, especially in post-regime countries like Iraq. I would hope there is a justified degree of confidence on the part of liberal, Christian and mainstream Muslim figures in taking this sort of action, otherwise it might severely blow up in their collective face.

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