Here is a new book by the noted religious studies scholar Keith Ward that seems to fall under our general remit here at the center, and that argues for religious tolerance and co-existence (both surely good things): Religion in the Modern World: Celebrating Pluralism and Diversity (Cambridge University Press).

“The subject of religious diversity is of growing significance, with its associated problems of religious pluralism and inter-faith dialogue. Moreover, since the European Enlightenment, religions have had to face new, existential challenges. Is there a future for religions? How will they have to change? Can they co-exist peacefully? In this book, Keith Ward brings new insights to these questions. Applying historical and philosophical approaches, he explores how we can establish truth among so many diverse religions. He explains how religions have evolved over time and how they are reacting to the challenges posed by new scientific and moral beliefs. A celebration of the diversity in the world’s religions, Ward’s timely book also deals with the possibility and necessity of religious tolerance and co-existence.”

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