Justice Scalia “On Faith”

Seven years ago, we were deeply honored to host Justice Antonin Scalia at our inaugural Colloquium in Law and Religion. We prepared all of the Justice’s cases in the field and then listened, in a small setting, as the Justice discussed them and answered our questions. I had the chance to co-teach a constitutional law class with the Justice. I won’t ever forget it.

It therefore brings me special pleasure to note this new book, published posthumously, collecting Justice Scalia’s occasional essays, lectures, and reflections on religious faith. The book is On Faith: Lessons from an American Believer (Penguin Random House) (with a foreword by Justice Clarence Thomas).

“Antonin Scalia reflected deeply on matters of religion and shared his insights with many audiences over the course of his remarkable career. As a Supreme Court justice for three decades, he vigorously defended the American constitutional tradition of allowing religion a prominent place in the public square. As a man of faith, he recognized the special challenges of living a distinctively religious life in modern America, and he inspired other believers to meet those challenges.

This volume contains Justice Scalia’s incisive thoughts on these matters, laced with his characteristic wit. It includes outstanding speeches featured in Scalia Speaks and also draws from his Supreme Court opinions and his articles. In addition to the introduction by Fr. Scalia, other highlights include Fr. Scalia’s beautiful homily at his father’s funeral Mass and reminiscences from various friends and law clerks whose lives were influenced by Antonin Scalia’s faith.”