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Scruton, “The Politics of Culture and Other Essays”

Sir Roger Scruton, our Tradition Project lecturer for our session on “Tradition, Culture, Scruton.jpgand Citizenship” (see above for the lecture) has a new collection of essays coming out in January 2018, The Politics of Culture and Other Essays (St. Augustine Press). This particular collection seems to center on Sir Roger’s manifold aesthetic and literary interests.

This work brings together Scruton’s best essays from many sources, arranging them thematically. The book has four sections: Language and Art, Writers in Context, Architecture, and Culture and Anarchy. Though the essays are diverse, certain themes are developed in particular and then in general ways, and there are several important essays on writers and critics, that contribute to the reappraisal of their work – among them Dante, Andre Breton, Graham Greene, James Joyce, Sylvia Plath, Jacques Lacan, and Yukio Mishima.