Not strictly speaking about law, to be sure, but this volume ought to hit rather close to Left Wing Bias.jpeghome–George Yancey’s empirical study of viewpoint diversity as to religion and politics (but is that description itself somewhat fraught?) in the academy. The publisher is Baylor University Press and the description is below.

Conservative and liberal commentators alike have long argued that social bias exists in American higher education. Yet those arguments have largely lacked much supporting evidence. In this first systematic attempt to substantiate social bias in higher education, George Yancey embarks on a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the social biases and attitudes of faculties in American universities—surveying professors in disciplines from political science to experimental biology and then examining the blogs of 42 sociology professors. In so doing, Yancey finds that politically—and, even more so, religiously—conservative academics are at a distinct disadvantage in our institutions of learning, threatening the free exchange of ideas to which our institutions aspire and leaving many scientific inquiries unexplored.

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