213081Congratulations to our friend, Baylor’s Elizabeth Corey (left), who has won this year’s Robert Novak Journalism Award from the Acton Institute. Elizabeth, a political scientist, will be one of the discussion leaders in the Tradition Project, a new Center research endeavor, which starts in the fall.

Here’s a representative sample of Elizabeth’s writing, about ideology and incompatible demands on young women today, from First Things:

Both the ethical imperatives I’ve described—“must work” and “must stay at home”reflect noble desires, the one for talents fully used and the other for the vocation of motherhood. But I worry that both are too often promoted ideologically, prescribed as answers to the anxieties young women naturally feel about what they should do. This problem is especially pressing for those high-achieving college students I have been describing, who cannot imagine doing anything—be it career or motherhood—halfheartedly.

It’s the tacit denial of the tragedy of the human condition that I’ve come to resent in the contemporary literature about “balancing” career and family. This literature is full of demands for Justice and Equality, its authors motivated by ideas of social perfection: to finally place a sufficient number of women in the ranks of management and government and to effect true gender equality in the workplace as a whole. Engaged on a quest to change the world, they write with a fervor generated by a political ideal and employ the language of political advocacy, as if the divided desires of our souls can be unified by Reform and Revolution. There is a solution for everything, they imply; we just haven’t found it yet.

We’re delighted that Elizabeth is part of our project.

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