I greatly admire Jonathan Haidt’s work on moral psychology, particular his recent book, The Righteous Mind, on the differing moral intuitions of conservatives and liberals. So I was intrigued by a recent test Haidt published in Time–a series of questions that, Haidt says, predict where one falls on the political spectrum. The questions don’t relate to politics directly. They relate more to values (“Should kids be taught to respect authority?”, “Is self-control or self-expression more important?”) and lifestyle (“Do you like fusion cuisine?”)–what we might think of as culture. None of the questions relates to religion as such, though, to my mind, there are obvious overlaps. Also, none of the questions relates to economics; Haidt’s point, which seems right to me, is that politics remains largely a matter of moral intuition.

Anyway, I don’t want to say too much about the test and ruin it. Go ahead and answer the questions. For what it’s worth, they predicted my political leanings quite well. (H/T: Rod Dreher).

One thought on “Conservative or Liberal? Take This Test

  1. Well, I did not like the test. I understand the results, but maybe it is OK to American people or to regular people, but not to all. For instance, do you like borders? No, I do not like borders, nationalism is one the plagues to many wars, I would prefer everybody in a single group (Christians) with all their differences. On the other hand, I respect a lot military people. I pray for them. Am I a liberal? I think that no one would say that to me. My position is not reached by the test.

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