The Top Five New Law & Religion Papers on SSRN

From SSRN’s list of most frequently downloaded law and religion papers posted in the last 60 days, here are the current top five. This week, Michal Gilad moves up to #1, Andrew Koppelman moves up to #2; Patrick McKinley Brennan rises to #3; and Carolina Mala Corbin and Kenneth Einar Himma join the list at #4 and #5 respectively.

1.In God’s Shadow: Unveiling the Hidden World of Domestic Violence Victims in Religious Communities by Michal Gilad (University of Pennsylvania Law School) [410 downloads]

2.‘Freedom of the Church’ and the Authority of the State by Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern University School of Law) [195 downloads]

3.Resisting the Grand Coalition in Favor of the Status Quo by Giving Full Scope to the Libertas Ecclesiae by Patrick McKinley Brennan (Villanova University School of Law) [157 downloads]

4.Corporate Religious Liberty by Caroline Mala Corbin (University of Miami School of Law) [122 downloads]

5.What’s So Damn Special About Religion, Anyway? (Review Essay of Brian Leiter, Why Tolerate Religion?) by Kenneth Einar Himma (University of Washington-School of Law) [90 downloads]

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