The Top Five New Law & Religion Papers on SSRN

From SSRN’s list of most frequently downloaded law and religion papers posted in the last 60 days, here are the current top five. Since last week, Douglas Laycock remains at #1, Perry Dane remains at #2, Zoe Robinson joins the list at #3, replacing Elizabeth Sepper, Richard Garnett remains at #4, and Christopher C. Lund joins the list at #5, replacing Patrick McKinley Brennan.

1. Religious Liberty and the Culture Wars by Douglas Laycock (U. of Virginia, School of Law) [271 downloads]

2. Doctrine and Deep Structure in the Contraception Mandate Debate by Perry Dane (Rutgers, School of Law) [236 downloads]

3. What is a ‘Religious Institution’? by Zoe Robinson (Depaul University College of Law) [236 downloads]

4. ‘The Freedom of the Church’: (Towards) an Exposition, Translation, and Defense by Richard W. Garnett (Notre Dame Law School) [138 downloads]

5. Church Autonomy Reconceived: The Logic and Limits of Hosanna-Tabor by Christopher C. Lund (Wayne State University-School of Law) [82 downloads]

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