This April, Columbia University Press distributed Arab Christians in British Mandate Palestine: Communalism and Nationalism, 1917-1948 , written by appNoah Haiduc-Dale (Centenary College) and originally published by Edinburgh University Press.  The publisher’s description follows.

This volume focuses on the relationship between Arab Christians and the nationalist movement in Palestine as the British Mandate unfolded throughout the first half of the twentieth century (1917–1948). Its portrayal of individual behaviors and beliefs, including those of Christian organizations (both religious and social), undermine dominant historical paradigms envisioning Arab Christians as prone to communalism. Instead, this study shows they were as likely as their Muslim counterparts to support nationalism. When social pressure forced Christians to identify along communal lines, they did so in conjunction with a stronger dedication to nationalism. Challenging the standard historiography of communalism, which suggests communal identification is always in opposition to nationalist claims, Noah Haiduc-Dale refuses to stereotype Arab Christian behavior and belief by appreciating a range of Christian activities under the Mandate.

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