This August, Ashgate will publish Legitimizing Human Rights: Secular and Religious Perspectives, edited by Angus J. L. Menuge 51+0+uVNzXL._SY300_(Concordia University, Wisconsin).  The publisher’s description follows.

When does the exercise of an interest constitute a human right? The contributors to Menuge’s edited collection offer a range of secular and religious responses to this fundamental question of the legitimacy of human rights claims. The first section evaluates the plausibility of natural and transcendent foundations for human rights. A further section explores the nature of religious freedom and the vexed question of its proper limits as it arises in the US, European, and global contexts. The final section explores the pragmatic justification of human rights: how do we motivate the recognition and enforcement of human rights in the real world? This topical book should be of interest to a range of academics from disciplines spanning law, philosophy, religion and politics.

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