According to a news report from today’s Times of Israel, a German court has held that the circumcision of children constitutes “severe and irreversible interference into physical integrity” and is as such prohibited unless medically necessary.

Could Americans be confronted by a similar decision someday?

If the Obama DOJ has its way, the answer would seem to be “yes.”  For this is, after all, closely related to the ObamaCare’s contraceptive / abortiofacient / sterilization mandate that’s currently being litigated.  If Americans can be forced by the State to purchase a product that violates their religious beliefs, I would suspect that they could most certainly be forced to prescind from taking action (compelled by their religious beliefs) deemed by the State to be injurious to children.

But the answer may already be “yes.”  A few years ago, the Oregon Supreme Court blocked a father from having his 12-year old son circumcised (for religious reasons) absent the son’s consent.  And under Employment Division v. Smith, coupled with the anemic interpetation and enforcement of RFRA, it is difficult to see how a law against circumcision could be avoided by those seeking to keep Abraham’s covenant with God.

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