This is the opening weekend of a fascinating new film “For Greater Glory” (originally entitled “Cristiada”).  It concerns Mexico’s Cristeros War of 1926-29, in which that nation’s Catholic populace rebelled against government efforts to secularize the country.  You can view a preview / trailer here:

I intend to catch the film tomorrow, and will certainly report back with my impressions.

The film’s timing is quite fortuitous, as many are drawing parallels between its subject matter and the ongoing battles between the Catholic Church and the U.S. government today.  Although I would certainly not equate the massacres and executions of the Cristeros War with what’s happening now, at their cores both situations certainly implicate a very real contest between Church and State.  And more than a few serious clergymen I know foresee a period of “dry martyrdom” ahead – where lives are not taken, but where jobs are lost, careers are ruined, fines are levied, and prisons filled. 

I am interested in seeing whether the film lends itself to such comparisons.

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