Just a little note on a couple of talks I am giving next week, in case CLR Forum readers have a chance to stop by and say hello.

On Wednesday, April 18, I’ll be participating in a panel at Yale Law School run by the Yale Catholic Law Students’ Association dealing with the HHS Mandate and Religious Liberty.  The discussion begins at 6:00.  More details about the event here.

On Friday, April 20, I’ll be at the University of St. Thomas under the auspices of the Terence J. Murphy Institute’s Hot Topics: Cool Talk program run by the gracious Lisa Schiltz.  The Honorable Richard Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York will be joining me.  I’ll be talking about the state of punishment theory and will discuss (a little bit) some of the insights of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen and Thomas Aquinas with respect to the justification of punishment (I hope to give a cool talk, but the odds are not so good).  Details here.

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