Parveen Ara Pathan has posted Idea of Right of Maintenance of Woman in Islam and Socio Legal Development in India. The abstract follows. -JKH

Challenging status of woman in society is not an exception in reference to India but she shares a common bonding in this regard with every woman in the world. Her status is defined in vague terms everywhere irrespective of any country orreligion, she lives in or religion she follows. But in Islam a dignified status is given to every woman together with clear definitions of her rights allotted through Holy Quran, Sunna, and other sources of law. Right of maintenance is the basic right of livelihood of woman, includes not only the means of survival but also a right to dignified life full of respect and facilities. In every phase of her life as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, or divorcée she is entitled to right to be maintained in well condition throughout her life. In developing country like India her right of maintenance is not affected by the socio economic policies. This article focus on status of woman in Islam, her right of maintenance as given in Islam with relating legal provisions as in Indian legislation together with difficulties faced by Indian Muslim women in their fight of maintenance. A thought provoking discussion on relation of right of maintenance and human rights is also included.

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