Just a reminder that if you are around today at 5:30, please swing by the atrium, where CLR and the Catholic Law Student Society at St. John’s University School of Law will co-host an event devoted to Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC, which is on for oral argument tomorrow. 

I will be talking about the idea of church-state “independence” and the ways in which this might or might not be the same as church-state separation, as well as the case itself and the doctrine of the ministerial exemption (I prefer exemption to exception — exemption evoking what I consider to be the preferable free exercise jurisprudence pre-Smith, of which the ME forms a natural part).  There will then be a period of questions, discussants to include my colleagues David Gregory and Mark Movsesian as well as Mr. Peter J. Johnson, Jr., president of Leahy & Johnson, P.C. 

After the event, I’ll post some thoughts here.  — MOD

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