On August 25-26, New York Law School will host a symposium, Sharia in America: Principles and Prospects.  Looks very interesting and worth checking out.  A summary of the symposium is below.  — MOD

This symposium will discuss the place of Islamic law in the United States today and in the future, in a variety of legal fields including family, financial, criminal, and constitutional law.

The symposium—featuring commentary by and an opportunity to pose questions to leading experts in Islamic, American, and Jewish law—will address the realities, possibilities, and problems of Islamic law in American courts and American life in light of much attention, misinformation, and hyperbole in the media. Speakers will address how recent Sharia bans at the state level inflame negative views of Muslim Americans and pose risks to the equal protection of Muslims as well as to U.S. national security. They will also discuss where Islamic law exists (or does not exist) in American courts in comparison to Jewish law, and what that means for legal practitioners.

The conference is aimed at disseminating accurate information to and fostering informed discussion among policy makers, the media, legal practitioners, and academics with the help of American scholars who are recognized as leaders in the fields of Islamic as well as Jewish law.