I’m looking forward to participating this afternoon in a panel on religious liberty issues in the U.S., part of a webinar on Secularism in France and the United States organized by the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University. Our very first Center event eleven years ago was a conference on laicite at our Paris campus and I’m looking forward to revisiting these issues. Details at the link: https://snfagora.jhu.edu/event/secularism-and-its-discontents/.

One thought on “Webinar on Religious Liberty in France and the US

  1. Laicite reminds me of the Genocide by the French in the Vendee. Does anybody think Laicite restricts secular proseliyzing? It GREATLY encourages and thus insults all religous belief including a theism that simply says reason says there is a God.

    The patrimony of Europe is Christianity and I expect that continued ignorance of that will bring about the destruction of Europe. So be it.

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