Announcing the Fifth Biennial Colloquium in Law & Religion (Fall 2020)

The Center for Law and Religion is delighted to announce the lineup for the fifth biennial Colloquium in Law and Religion, scheduled for Fall 2020. The Colloquium brings outside scholars and jurists to St. John’s to teach a seminar for selected students. Speakers present drafts on law and religion; students are graded on the basis of response papers and class participation. The Fall 2020 Colloquium will coincide with the Center’s tenth anniversary. A celebration is planned for October.

This year’s Colloquium speakers are Judges Steven Menashi and Michael Park of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Professors Jed Atkins (Duke University); Stephanie Barclay (Brigham Young University); Paul Horwitz (University of Alabama); Amy Sepinwall (University of Pennsylvania); and Carter Snead (University of Notre Dame).

For more information about the Colloquium, please contact Center Co-Directors Mark Movsesian and Marc DeGirolami.