Satan, Paradise Lost (illustrated by Gustave Dore)

In this podcast, we discuss several recent law and religion controversies concerning the “Satanic Temple.” We discuss what the Satanic Temple is and what its adherents say they believe, whether the Temple should count as a religion or a religious institution for legal purposes, and how the Temple has cleverly put pressure–legally and otherwise–on the principles of sincerity, neutrality, and equality that are said to animate the constitutional doctrine of religious freedom. Listen in!

2 thoughts on “Legal Spirits Episode 012: Is Satanism a Religion?

  1. If our Founding Fathers did not believe that our inherent Right to Religious Liberty would serve to complement our Founding Judeo-Christian principles, and thus enhance the value of the State, they would not have desired to secure and protect Religious Liberty.

    God Is Love. The desire to come to know, Love, and serve God, Who Is The Essence Of Love, can only serve for The Common Good.

    Evil is the absence of Love, thus we can know through both Faith and reason, that in worshipping Satan, one necessarily worships evil, and evil is always antithetical to Love and thus The Common Good.

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