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“Agape, Justice, and Law” (Cochran & Calo eds.)

Here is an interesting set of essays on the relationship of the Christian virtue of agape–Agapethe distinterested love of others or love of neighbor–to law in general and a variety of legal disciplines in particular. The volume is pitched as an alternative to other more typical ways of thinking about American law (e.g., law and liberalism, law and economics, critical legal studies, and so on). The volume is edited by Robert Cochran and Zachary Calo, published by Cambridge University Press, and the description is below.

In a provocative essay, philosopher Jeffrie Murphy asks: ‘what would law be like if we organized it around the value of Christian love, and if we thought about and criticized law in terms of that value?’. This book brings together leading scholars from a variety of disciplines to address that question. Scholars have given surprisingly little attention to assessing how the central Christian ethical category of love – agape – might impact the way we understand law. This book aims to fill that gap by investigating the relationship between agape and law in Scripture, theology, and jurisprudence, as well as applying these insights to contemporary debates in criminal law, tort law, elder law, immigration law, corporate law, intellectual property, and international relations. At a time when the discourse between Christian and other world views is more likely to be filled with hate than love, the implications of agape for law are crucial.