The Top Five New Law & Religion Papers on SSRN

From SSRN’s list of most frequently downloaded law and religion papers posted in the last 60 days, here are the current top five. Since last week, Zoe Robinson remains at #1; Ian C. Bartrum remains at #2; Caroline Mala Corbin remains at number #3;  and Jeremy M. Christiansen moves up to #4, switching spots with Carl F. Minzner who dropped to #5.

1.What is a ‘Religious Institution’? by Zoe Robinson (Depaul University College of Law) [277 downloads]

2. Book Review: ‘The Tragedy of Religious Freedom’  by Ian C. Bartrum (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) [112 downloads]

3.Corporate Religious Liberty by Caroline Mala Corbin (University of Miami School of Law) [97 downloads]

4.‘The Word[ ] ‘Person’…Includes Corporations’: Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Protects Both For- and Nonprofit Corporations by Jeremy M. Christiansen  (University of Utah- S.J. Quinney College of Law) [85 downloads]

5.Book Review of ‘A Confucian Constitutional Order: How China’s Ancient Past Can Shape its Political Future’ by Jiang Qing, edited by Daniel Bell and Ruiping Fan (Princeton University Press) by Carl F. Minzner (Fordham University- School of Law) [84 downloads]

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