Next month, Ashgate will publish a new volume of Freedom of Religion and Belief by Silvio Ferrari (University of Milan) and Rinaldo Cristofori (University of Milan). The publisher’s description follows.

The essays and articles selected for this volume analyze what is generally understood by freedom of religion and belief in today’s world. The different aspects of this fundamental right are considered from the contents of freedom of religion, to the possible limitations of this freedom; and from the freedom of, or freedom from, conundrum to the question of the collective or individual right. This volume reflects legal, philosophical and international perspectives, addresses numerous unanswered questions and offers an effective overview of the current literature and debate in this aspect of the discipline of law and religion.

One thought on “Ferrari & Cristofori, “Freedom of Religion and Belief”

  1. I think that “religion” and “belief” are not sufficient in encompassing the controversy. A scientist does not “believe.” Belief is anathema, as are religion and superstition. There has to be another word, maybe “conviction” or “persuasion,” that could be added to include scientists and other non-believers in the discussion.

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