Hon. Kermit Lipez (US Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit) has posted Doing Justice: The Judaism of Louis Brandeis. The abstract follows.

There are many ways to think about justice, some philosophical, others more pragmatic. My own leanings are pragmatic. I have never been embarrassed to say that “justice means doing the right thing,” understanding that some elaboration may be necessary. Nonetheless, it was reassuring to discover that the great Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis had a similar pragmatic bent. I made this discovery when I was preparing a Yom Kippur sermon about Justice Brandeis. I had been puzzled for some time by Justice Brandeis famous statement, “Justice is but truth in action.” What exactly did he mean? Although the answer to that question, set forth in my sermon, includes a discussion of Justice Brandeis attitude toward his Judaism, I think that discussion has relevance for lawyers and judges of all religions. That relevance should not be surprising. There is a commonality between law and religion. They both teach us to do the right thing.

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  1. Doing the “right thing?” The words “right thing” are just words until someone specifies BY WHAT STANDARD “right” is to be determined.

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