The Top Five New Law & Religion Papers on SSRN

From SSRN’s list of most frequently downloaded law and religion papers posted in the last 60 days, here are the current top five:

1. Toleration: Is There a Paradox? by Jeremy Waldron (N.Y.U. School of Law) [158 downloads]

2. Queering Schools, GSAs and the Law: Taking on God, by Donn Short (U. of Manitoba Faculty of Law) [110 downloads]

3. Constitutionalism: East Asian Antecedents, by Tom Ginsburg (U. of Chicago Law School) [77 downloads] 

4. The Firearm and the ‘Culture of Death’: Foundational Presuppositions and Fundamental Questions, by Kevin P. Lee (Campbell U. Law School) [68 downloads]

5. The Causes and Cures of Unethical Business Practices – A Jewish Perspective, by Steven H. Resnicoff  (DePaul U. College of Law) [66 downloads]

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