CLR will host a panel, “Careers in Law and Religion,” at the Law School on Tuesday, October 23, from 5:30-7:30 pm. The panel, which is co-sponsored by the St. John’s Career Development Office, will bring together lawyers from a variety of practices — government, firms, NGOs, and religious tribunals — to discuss how their work implicates the growing field of law religion. Panelists include Elizabeth Cassidy (US Commission on International Religious Freedom), Peter Johnson, Jr. (Leahey & Johnson), Maureen Liccione (Jaspan Schlesinger), Keith Sharfman (St. John’s), Amardeep Singh (Sikh Coalition), and Diana Verm (Becket Fund). Details are here.

2 thoughts on “Panel: Careers in Law and Religion

  1. Mark, this is a great idea for a panel. I just wanted to add that there are terrific opportunities to be engaged in really interesting religion and law issues as an avocation as well. I’ve been a big firm lawyer, an in-house lawyer, and an entrepreneur — that is, no one has ever paid me a salary to think about religion and law. But I have filed amicus briefs in the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, testified before legislative committees, written popular and scholarly articles, and taught clever undergrads about the First Amendment. I’ve even been a guest author at this website! It has never paid my mortgage, but it has been enormously fulfilling. it is important to realize that religion-and-law does not have to be a “road not taken” for those who decide to pursue alternative careers. Don

  2. Thanks, Don, that’s great advice, and I’ll be sure to pass it along at the panel.

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