In December, Brandeis University Press will publish an anthology entitled, Gender, Religion, and Family Law: Theorizing Conflicts between Women’s Rights and Cultural Traditions (BUP Dec. 2012) edited by Lisa Fishbayn Joffe (Brandeis) & Sylvia Neil (Chicago Law School). The publisher’s description follows:

In many regions of the world, women’s rights are at the heart of tensions between a commitment to tolerance of religious diversity, enshrined in civil laws, and respect for the rights of the individual, as understood within particularistic religious or cultural custom. These conflicts present pressing challenges for theorists, lawyers, and policymakers. This anthology brings together leading scholars and activists in Jewish, Muslim, and Christian law, and African customary law, who interrogate the utility of recent theoretical models, explore contextual differences, and analyze and celebrate stories of successful initiatives that have transformed legal and cultural norms.

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