Mike McConnell has a great piece in today’s Wall Street Journal on the ministerial exception, the subject of today’s argument in Hosanna-Tabor. Among other things, McConnell notes that, shockingly, the Obama Administration has filed an amicus brief opposing the exception in principle. I say “shockingly” because, at one point, anyway, the Obama Administration was trying assiduously to close the so-called “God gap” in American politics by reaching out to religious-values voters. But religious-values voters, including religious-values voters inclined to vote Democratic, believe, correctly, that the ministerial exception protects important constitutional values.┬áIn fact, McConnell has filed an amicus brief supporting the ministerial exception on behalf of a number of mainline Protestant denominations, including the United Methodists, the United Church of Christ, and the Presbyterian Church (USA), all of which skew left in American political terms. — MLM

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