The Weekly Five

We are delighted to introduce a new feature to the Forum–“The Weekly Five.” Each week, we will select five new law and religion articles that are particularly important, well-written, thoughtful, provocative, insightful, or otherwise deserving of your attention. Our selection of these articles is not meant to indicate that we endorse the positions espoused or the arguments made by the authors, only that we find the pieces of interest. We hope that The Weekly Five will bring some attention to pieces in our area that sometimes go under the radar.

All of these pieces are accessible to our readers via the links provided. So get reading! The Weekly Five for this week is below. –MOD & MLM

1. Rethinking the ‘Religious Question’ Doctrine by Christopher C. Lund (Wayne State University School of Law).

2. Religious Liberty: Between Strategy and Telos by Kristine Kalanges (Notre Dame Law School).

3. The Contraception Mandate Debate: Achieving a Sensible Balance by Alan E. Garfield (Widener University- School of Law).

4. Corporate Religious Liberty: Why Corporations Are Not Entitled to Religious Exemptions by Caroline Mala Corbin (University of Miami School of Law).

5. Public Morals and the ECHR by Roberto Perrone (University of Ferrara).