“For the Common Convenience of the Learned”

Here’s news of an excellent joint project of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Gutenberg Bible(founded in 1451 by Pope Nicholas V) and Oxford University’s Bodleian Library (which opened in 1602)  to put online a number of very ancient and rare religious and other texts housed in their respective libraries. These include the Bodleian’s 1455 Gutenberg Bible as well as the oldest Hebrew codex in existence and a copy of the Bible written in Italy circa 1100 (housed in the Vatican library).

The website where some of these documents may already be viewed is here.

Horwitz, “First Amendment Institutions”

This November, Harvard University Press will publish First Amendment Institutions by Paul Horwitz (University of Alabama School of Law). The publisher’s description follows.

Addressing a host of hot-button issues, from the barring of Christian student groups and military recruiters from law schools and universities to churches’ immunity from civil rights legislation in hiring and firing ministers, Paul Horwitz proposes a radical reformation of First Amendment law. Arguing that rigidly doctrinal approaches can’t account for messy, real-world situations, he suggests that the courts loosen their reins and let those institutions with a stake in First Amendment freedoms do more of the work of enforcing them. Continue reading

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