Hunter-Henin (ed.), “Law, Religious Freedoms and Education in Europe”

Ashgate Publishing has published Law, Religious Freedoms and Education in Europe (February 2012) edited by Myriam Hunter-Henin (University College London – Faculty of Laws).  The publisher’s description follows.

This collection considers how contemporary cultural and religious diversity challenges and redefines national constitutional and legal frameworks and concepts, within the context of education. It offers a critical reflection on the extent and meanings given to religious freedom in education across Europe. The contributions deal primarily with Western Europe although the book also includes a study of the US vibrant debates on Creationism.

This volume considers issues such as religious expression, faith schooling and worship in schools, in a multidisciplinary and comparative approach. The book first examines key concepts, before presenting national models of religion and education in Europe and analyzing case studies relating to religious symbols worn at school and to the teaching of religious education. Read more