Annual Law and Religion Roundtable (June 23-24, 2011)

Marc O. DeGirolami participated in the Annual Law and Religion Roundtable (ALRR) hosted by Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, IL. The ALRR provides a forum for scholars of religious freedom to share cutting-edge works and engage in discipline-shaping conversations. DeGirolami presented a chapter of his forthcoming book: Tragedy and History: The Quality of Religious Liberty. 

Oasis Foundation International Meeting (June 20-22, 2011)

Mark L. Movsesian participated in a conference hosted by the Oasis Foundation in Venice, Italy, entitled “Where is the Middle East Heading?”  The conference explored the future of Christian minorities in the Muslim countries of Northern Africa and the Middle East. Movsesian presented his paper: Ottoman Secularization in the Nineteenth Century: The Tanzimat and Christian Minorities.